Director - Sales
Polina Shchepetkova
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Director - Sales

Polina has a diverse educational background in economics, business, law, and psychology. By living, working, and studying in iconic cities like Moscow, London, New York, Shanghai, and Singapore, Polina has managed to build her own international network of UHNW individuals and private family offices.

She has a good understanding of global business flows, and Polina strongly believes that the main driver of any economy or company is its people. Additionally, with applicative coaching skills and knowledge of psychology, Polina has proven to be an excellent mediator and negotiator. Capable of finding creative approaches, she can unite people and create win-win situations for all involved. One of her many passions is travelling the globe for music, and art and staying connected with the people in her life.

She believes that everyday meditation and positive affirmations are the key to gradual self-development and personal success.