Residential Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate the Stamp Duty payable on a residential purchase in England or Northern Ireland

£ 0
Effective Rate: 0 %
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Calculation based on:
Tax Band%Taxable SumTax
£ 0 - £ 250,0000%£ 0£ 0.00
£ 250,001 - £ 925,0005%£ 0£ 0.00
£ 925,001 - £ 1,500,00010%£ 0£ 0.00
£ 1,500,000 +12%£ 0£ 0.00
If the buyer is a non-UK resident
Unsure about current stamp duty rates? As of September 23, 2022, residential properties are subject to Stamp Duty on amounts exceeding £250,000.
New stamp duty rates for non-UK residents, effective from April 1, 2021, levy a 2% higher rate compared to UK residents, alongside existing surcharges.
First-time Buyer
First-time buyer? Enjoy 0% SDLT for properties under £425,000 and 5% on amounts between £425,000 and £625,000, effective from September 23, 2022.
Additional Properties
Wondering about higher stamp duty rates? Additional properties, like second homes or buy-to-lets, incur a 3% SDLT increase on top of standard rates.
Ensure your property transaction fits the residential criteria for accurate stamp duty calculations. For commercial, agricultural, or non-residential purchases, reach out to our team.
Stay updated on stamp duty changes! The new residential rates, effective immediately from September 23, 2022, are integrated into our calculator and detailed below.
Curious about stamp duty costs? Easily estimate SDLT for your home purchase by inputting the property price into our calculator. Note: This is an estimate; consult legal or tax professionals for precise amounts.
Please note: These rates exclude LBTT in Scotland since April 2015. The tool assumes no mixed-use property, and manual calculations are necessary for properties over £500,000 or qualifying as mixed-use. Consult with legal or tax professionals for guidance.