Health and Safety Statement for UK Sotheby's International Realty


In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations

Statement of Intent:

As the premier real estate service provider, UK Sotheby's International Realty is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of our employees, clients, and the public. We commit to operating our business in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act and all applicable regulations, striving for continuous improvement in our health and safety performance.

Responsibilities for Health and Safety:

  • The most senior person in the company, along with the management team, holds ultimate responsibility for health and safety.
  • Specific responsibilities for health and safety matters are delegated to competent personnel within our offices and operations.
  • All employees are expected to cooperate with the company in upholding health and safety standards and to take reasonable care of their own health and safety and that of others.

Arrangements for Health and Safety:

  • Risk Assessment: We conduct regular risk assessments of all our operations, including office environments and property viewings, to identify and manage health and safety risks.
  • Training and Communication: Employees receive appropriate training, and we ensure clear communication of health and safety matters throughout the organisation.
  • Safety Equipment and Signs: Safety Equipment and Signs: We provide necessary safety equipment and signage to manage risks associated with property viewings and office work.
  • Emergency Procedures: Clear procedures are in place for emergency situations, with regular reviews and drills to ensure preparedness.
  • Health Surveillance: Where appropriate, health surveillance is conducted to prevent occupational illnesses.
  • Policy Review: This policy is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant and effective in managing health and safety.


UK Sotheby's International Realty's commitment to health and safety is integral to our business ethos. We pledge to maintain the highest standards of safety for our luxury properties and to provide a safe working environment for our employees and clients. This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure it reflects the best practice and legal requirements.