Director - Sales
Daniel Martin
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Director - Sales

Armed with natural enthusiasm, steely determination and an interest in all things property, Daniel completed his degree in Real Estate and Valuation from Bristol and embarked on his property career over 16 years ago. Beginning in the New Homes and Investments team of a large London Agent, Daniel was provided with a steep but rewarding learning curve, and he quickly progressed from negotiating on single new-build properties to advancing to the sale of portfolios, development land and mixed-use sites across London.

Among the many areas he came to adore, Notting Hill held a special place in Daniel's heart. With its charming streets, iconic colourful houses, and vibrant community, Notting Hill epitomized the unique blend of history and modernity that London had to offer. He found immense joy in helping individuals and families realize their dream of owning a piece of this magical neighbourhood, whether it was a quaint mews house, a stylish apartment, or a historic townhouse. It is more than just selling properties; it is about curating lifestyles. He believes in matching people with their dream homes, those special places where they would create memories, celebrate life's milestones, and be part of the rich tapestry of Notting Hill.

His enthusiasm for property extends beyond transactions; the well-being of his clients and their long-term satisfaction is paramount. He appreciates that a house is more than bricks and mortar; it is a canvas upon which dreams are painted and futures are built.

Daniel's deep-rooted love for property and his unwavering commitment to helping people attain their dream homes and lifestyles made him a trusted name in London's real estate scene. His journey was not merely a career; it was a passion and a privilege to play a part in turning houses into homes and dreams into reality.