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The Power of a Sotheby’s Referral

7th August 2018
Having recently joined the Sotheby’s Realty ranks in the Central London office, the first aspect I noticed of joining a Global company was just how global it is. The ‘referral system’ as we call it is a truly outstanding part of our network. For example, a client or buyer can be the other side of the world and still get the same service from a Sotheby’s broker locally. Currently I have instructions to sell houses in Sau Paulo and Colorado, covered by our respective offices on the ground. A further search in New York has been looked after by our Lower Manhattan office who have guided our buyer through the process of buying and I am glad to say sales are underway there. The other way round is equally impressive with a number of International buyers successfully purchasing properties in Central London & from Marylebone to Clerkenwell. Similarly, those clients looking to sell in Central London know we can reach further afield than any other agent but also reach out to our local buyers already on our database. A winning formula all round”

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