Senior Director - Sales
Catharine Che
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English| Mandarin

Senior Director - Asia

Catherine holds 10 years' worth of bilingual sales experience (in Mandarin and English) within the property market which has enabled her to build a detailed understanding of the property sector within London and across the UK. She connects globally with clients, helping them build profitable portfolios and moving them across borders; where she continues to strengthen her worldwide perspective of the property market. 

Having previously worked as a sales director of the China Desk within one of the UK’s biggest developers, she possesses a wealth of knowledge that has allowed her to thrive within the industry. Her experience is bolstered by her MBA qualification in Business Administration at the University of Sheffield. 

Her series of UK property insight and introduction videos, spoken in Mandarin educate those abroad, showcasing local developments and acting as an area guide. Further from this, she formerly appeared on Phoenix TV and multiple overseas channels where she was interviewed and spoke about the property market.